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Where the Appalachian Spirit Melts Into Candlelight

Trillium Candle Company is more than just a purveyor of fragrant flames. We’re storytellers, bottling the essence of the Blue Ridge Mountains and pouring it into every hand-poured soy wax candle. From the rugged peaks of the Appalachian wilderness to the warmth of farmhouse hearths, each collection reflects a unique thread woven into the fabric of Southwest Virginia.

Adventures in the Appalachian Outdoors:

Step outside with our signature “Appalachian Outdoors Collection.” Breathe in the crisp mountain air as pine needles and juniper berries dance with the earthy musk of damp earth. Let the smoky campfire embers and invigorating splash of waterfall mist transport you to the heart of the Blue Ridge wilderness. These rugged fragrances capture the untamed beauty that defines our home.

Elk Creek Virginia

Born in Mom’s Kitchen:

Our journey began in the heart of mom’s kitchen. The sweet notes of Snickerdoodles, the comforting swirl of maple pancakes, and the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee became the inspiration for our “Mom’s Kitchen Collection.” This is a tribute to the soul-nourishing comfort that Southwest Virginia kitchens deliver, one whiff at a time.

Warmth and Charm of the Farmhouse:

No portrait of Southwest Virginia is complete without its vibrant farming history. Our “Farmhouse Collection” celebrates the roots of our community. Cozy vanilla and cinnamon whisper of crackling fireplaces, while sun-ripened lavender and hay fields evoke the serenity of the countryside. Each scent is an ode to the enduring spirit of our land and the families who cultivate it.

Bopp Farm